Setec-eocen x | Supporting Your Offshore Wind Energy Projects

Setec-eocen x | Supporting Your Offshore Wind Energy Projects

The seamless collaboration between setec-eocen and is the ultimate partnership for revolutionising offshore wind energy projects.

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Explore the software architecture behind's cloud platforms. Unlock the secrets to geospatial data management, collaboration, and analysis.

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Q&A with CEO: Revolutionising Offshore Data Efficiency with TrueOcean

In this Q&A with Offshore, CEO details how TrueOcean,'s native-cloud Ocean Data Platform is revolutionising the offshore energy...

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Blue Paper Zeus: The Future of Geospatial Big Data Processing

Zeus, TrueOcean's new module, empowers our users with cutting-edge geospatial big data processing to transform their ocean data like never before.

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Autonomous systems, including ships, surface vehicles and underwater vehicles, are on the verge of revolutionizing our understanding of the still largely unknown oceans. Accurate underwater data collection is critical to the expansion of offshore wind energy, the transformation of the global energy system, and global communications via cables. The integration of Earth-2 into the TrueOcean platform offers significant enhancements for smart operational planning, system management, and risk assessment for complex data collection with autonomous systems. Pioneers a New Era in AI-and GPU-based Ocean Data Processing with NVIDIA

Integration of NVIDIA modules into TrueOcean demonstrates the breakthrough potential of AI and GPU technologies for sustainable offshore projects.

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Bridging the Geoscience Skill Gap with TrueOcean - Blog - Featured Image

Bridging the Geoscience Skill Gap: TrueOcean's Digital Revolution

Join us in revolutionising geoscience with TrueOcean. Digitise, automate, and empower experts to bridge the skills gap and support net-zero goals.

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Join us at WindEurope 2024 in Bilbao! Discover TrueOcean, our Ocean Data Platform, and how cloud-based data management is shaping the future of...

Read more Elevates Geospatial Data with ISO 19115 Metadata Validation - featured image Elevates Geospatial Data with ISO 19115 Metadata Validation's integration of ISO 19115 metadata validation into TrueOcean and TrueEarth represents a significant advancement in geospatial data...

Read more Among 2024's Top 100 Global Geospatial Companies recognised among Global Top 100 Geospatial Companies in 2024 GmbH, a dynamic force in the geospatial industry, is recognised among the Global Top 100 Geospatial Companies in 2024, by Geoawesomeness.

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