TrueOcean and merge - press release

TrueOcean and merge to become a leading Cloud Geodata Specialist

Kiel, 18.09.2023. The merger of three Kiel-based software companies, GmbH, TrueOcean GmbH, and NatureConnect GmbH, marks a significant step...

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Digitalisation Automation Tackle Staff Shortage - Blog

Digitalisation and Automation to Tackle Offshore Wind Staff Shortage

The offshore wind industry is the vanguard of the global transition towards achieving Net Zero emissions, making it a pivotal market for renewable...

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Marine Sensor Data Analysis & Visualisation - TrueOcean

How to Easily Analyse and Visualise Marine Sensor Data in the Cloud

Marine professionals e.g., geophysicists, geotechnical engineers, metocean engineers, and researchers face an array of challenges when it comes to...

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How to Organise Complex Marine Data in Offshore Wind

The rapid growth of offshore wind farms has led to an increased demand for accurate and reliable data and data management. The marine data could be...

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TrueOcean introduces smart geospatial search - press release

TrueOcean Introduces a New Paradigm with Smart Geospatial Search

Kiel, 25 July 2023. A groundbreaking update for the TrueOcean Marine Data Platform (MDP) designed to address the challenge of searching for...

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TrueOcean marine Big Data beyond GIS-Systems - Article

TrueOcean: Advancing Marine Big Data Handling beyond GIS-Systems

In the ever-evolving world of marine operations, efficient data management and analysis are essential for success. TrueOcean enables these...

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TrueOcean streamlines data management in offshore wind - Blog

Streamlining Offshore Projects with TrueOcean's Data Management Power

In our pursuit of climate protection and renewable energy, offshore wind farms have emerged as vital components in global decarbonization efforts....

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TrueOcean at Windforce 2023 - Event

20th WINDFORCE Conference: Uniting Climate Protection & Value Creation

Gathering more than 300 offshore wind and hydrogen experts from over 250 companies, the three-day 20th annual "international class reunion" of the...

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TrueOcean eliminates waste in data workflows - Blog

How a Marine Data Platform Eliminates Waste in Offshore Data Workflows

1. Eliminating Waiting Times Waiting is a significant source of waste in data workflows. Traditionally, data delivery using physical hard drives has...

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