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ACM SIGSPATIAL 2023: is Breaking Waves in GIS with Maritime Dataspaces CEO Jann Wendt spoke at International Conference on Advances in Geographic Information Systems 2023 on maritime dataspaces.

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Metadata Marine Survey - Image

Survey: Shape the Future of Marine Survey Metadata

This survey aims to get a better understanding of how metadata is handled for marine survey projects. Help us shape the future of marine survey...

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Geospatial Data Blog - Featured Image

What is Geospatial Data: Your Essential Guide

What is Geospatial Data? This essential guide explores all about geospatial data and how it can be your key to mapping, navigation, and research.

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Cloud Geodata Specialist Shines at INTERGEO 2023 - Blog

Cloud Geodata Specialist shines at INTERGEO 2023

Cloud Geodata Specialist shines at INTERGEO 2023 with their flagship platforms TrueOcean and TrueEarth, designed to revolutionise geospatial...

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Navigating the Blue Economy with TrueOcean to fight climate change - Blog

Navigating the Blue Economy with TrueOcean to fight climate change

Discover how the Blue Economy is fighting climate change and how the TrueOcean Marine Data Platform is revolutionising data management in offshore...

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TrueOcean-Featured Image-Whitepaper Moving Marine Data to Cloud

Whitepaper: Moving Marine Data to the Cloud

TrueOcean's Whitepaper for marine survey companies and wind farm stakeholders seeking to optimise your workflows by moving your data to the Cloud.

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TrueOcean and merge to become a leading Cloud Geodata Specialist

TrueOcean and unite to form one of the leading Cloud Geodata Specialists in Europe - Their digital technology drives the energy transition.

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Digitalisation Automation Tackle Staff Shortage - Blog

Digitalisation and Automation to Tackle Offshore Wind Staff Shortage

Explore how digitalisation and automation can be used to tackle the shortage of skilled staff and optimise offshore wind farm projects.

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Marine Sensor Data Analysis & Visualisation - TrueOcean

How to Easily Analyse and Visualise Marine Sensor Data in the Cloud

Discover the impressive array of features included in the TrueOcean MDP, designed to easily analyse and visualise marine sensor data.

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