Geospatial Search: Simplifying Ocean Data Access and Management - - Image

Geospatial Search: Simplifying Ocean Data Access and Management's geospatial search function transforms ocean data access and management, enhancing efficiency, reducing costs, and improving collaboration.

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Information Day at GEOMAR at the start of of the systematic clearance of of munitions in the Baltic Sea

Kick-off for Systematic Munitions Clearance in the Baltic Sea: Participates in GEOMAR Info Day

The immediate action programme lays the foundations for the systematic recovery and disposal of munitions in the sea.

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UXO Workshop - June 2024 Kiel - by - Participants

EU Workshop in Kiel Advances UXO Management Software Development

EU workshop gathered experts in Kiel to develop software for managing undetonated munitions in European waters. Explore key insights and takeaways.

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One Ocean Data Platform for the Whole Lifecycle of a Wind Farm's ocean data platform is set to revolutionise offshore wind, ensuring data accessibility and efficiency throughout the whole project...

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BGR Symposium 2024

2024 MSMNE Symposium at BGR: Innovations in Deep Sea Exploration

Explore the 2024 MSMNE Symposium highlights, where experts discussed the KIMERA project's AI-driven innovations in sustainable deep sea exploration.

Read more co-hosts largest EU Interreg-funded UXO remediation workshops  in Kiel co-hosts largest EU-funded UXO remediation workshop in Kiel

Experts from EU Interreg projects REMARCO and MUNIMAP meet to advance the management of unexploded ordnance in the North Sea and the Baltic Sea.

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Setec-eocen x | Supporting Your Offshore Wind Energy Projects

Setec-eocen x | Supporting Your Offshore Wind Energy Projects

The seamless collaboration between setec-eocen and is the ultimate partnership for revolutionising offshore wind energy projects.

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Jann Wendt shows Alex Ruda how we use historical documents and deep learning algorithms to accurately identify munitions so that the authorities can safely neutralise them.

AI in Schleswig-Holstein: Transforms Safety and Environmental Protection

A new documentary film examines the concrete application of Artificial Intelligence in Schleswig-Holstein by

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Explore the software architecture behind's cloud platforms. Unlock the secrets to geospatial data management, collaboration, and analysis.

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