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TrueOcean launches a new cloud-based Marine Data Platform - press release

TrueOcean Launches a New Cloud-Based Marine Data Platform

Subsea geo-information specialist TrueOcean GmbH launches a new cloud-based Marine Data Platform for simplified ocean data management.

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TrueOcean at WindEnergy Hamburg 2022

Digitalisation in Focus at WindEnergy Hamburg 2022

Here are our takeaways from our participation at WindEnergy 2022 in Hamburg.

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TrueOcean accepted into Creative Destruction Lab - Press Release

TrueOcean Accepted into Scale-Up Program Creative Destruction Lab

TrueOcean is among 20 Ocean startups worldwide to be accepted in the exclusive Creative Destruction Lab scale up and mentoring program.

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TrueOcean and GABLER join forces - press release

TrueOcean & GABLER: Driving Marine Digital Transformation Together

TrueOcean and GABLER, drivers of digital transformation in the marine sector, join courses as Gabler acquires a 24.9% stake in TrueOcean.

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Three Big Data problems of the marine sector and their solution - Blog

Three Big Data Problems of the Marine Sector and Their Solution

Insights into three big data issues in the marine sector and solutions to improve efficiency, decision-making, and safety within the sector.

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TrueOcean Product Launch - press release

TrueOcean Product Launch

Building new offshore wind farms in a fraction of the time – Kiel-based startup creates smart marine data platform (MDP) for gaining high-speed...

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SMM 2022 panel discussion on Marispace-X - Video

Watch the SMM 2022 panel discussion on the Marispace-X project

TrueOcean founders took part in an in-depth discussion about Marispace-X: The European Federated Maritime Dataspace at the SMM 2022 conference.

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