Geospatial Search: Simplifying Ocean Data Access and Management - - Image

Geospatial Search: Simplifying Ocean Data Access and Management's geospatial search function transforms ocean data access and management, enhancing efficiency, reducing costs, and improving collaboration.

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One Ocean Data Platform for the Whole Lifecycle of a Wind Farm's ocean data platform is set to revolutionise offshore wind, ensuring data accessibility and efficiency throughout the whole project...

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Jann Wendt shows Alex Ruda how we use historical documents and deep learning algorithms to accurately identify munitions so that the authorities can safely neutralise them.

AI in Schleswig-Holstein: Transforms Safety and Environmental Protection

A new documentary film examines the concrete application of Artificial Intelligence in Schleswig-Holstein by

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High school student Tim with Sophie and Marten during his visit at for Boys' Day.

Boys‘ Day 2024: Tim Explores Exciting Insights at

11-year-old pupil delves into the world of artificial intelligence and software development during "Boys’ Day" at

Read more Wins Extreme Tech Challenge Award at NVIDIA GTC AI conference 2024. Jann Wendt accepts the award.

Extreme Tech Challenge XTC Recognises with AI Innovation Award

XTC is the world's largest startup competition and ecosystem for showcasing the most innovative tech founders addressing the UN SDGs.

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Bridging the Geoscience Skill Gap with TrueOcean - Blog - Featured Image

Bridging the Geoscience Skill Gap: TrueOcean's Digital Revolution

Join us in revolutionising geoscience with TrueOcean. Digitise, automate, and empower experts to bridge the skills gap and support net-zero goals.

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Digital Maps,'s cloud-based Geospatial Data Hub - Blog - Featured Image

Digital Maps: Unveiling's Original Mapping Capabilities

Explore the mapping capabilities of's cloud-based Geospatial Data Hub. Access, edit, and collaborate on our digital maps, anywhere, anytime.

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Reflecting on a year of achievements at!

As we say goodbye to 2023, it's with immense joy and gratitude that we look back on the incredible journey we've had at

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Why Apache Parquet/GeoParquet is key for Cloud Geodata Management - Blog

Why Apache Parquet/GeoParquet is key for Cloud Geodata Management

Discover the future of geodata management with Apache Parquet/GeoParquet, the open-source format optimised for cloud environments.

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