Press Release Among 2024's Top 100 Global Geospatial Companies recognised among Global Top 100 Geospatial Companies in 2024 GmbH, a dynamic force in the geospatial industry, is recognised among the Global Top 100 Geospatial Companies in 2024, by Geoawesomeness.

Read more CEO and Marispace-X Coordinator Jann Wendt is interviewed at the Digital-Gipfel 2023 CEO to present Maritime Data Space project to Chancellor Scholz at Digital Summit CEO & Marispace-X Coordinator Jann Wendt presents the Cloud Dataspace project to the German Chancellor at the Digital Summit 2023 in Jena.

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ACM SIGSPATIAL 2023: is Breaking Waves in GIS with Maritime Dataspaces CEO Jann Wendt spoke at International Conference on Advances in Geographic Information Systems 2023 on maritime dataspaces.

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TrueOcean and merge to become a leading Cloud Geodata Specialist

TrueOcean and unite to form one of the leading Cloud Geodata Specialists in Europe - Their digital technology drives the energy transition.

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Nationale Maritime Konferenz 2023, Bremen

National Maritime Conference: Marispace-X provides Key to the Blue Data Economy

Marispace-X at the National Maritime Conference in Bremen; Promoting the Blue Data Economy and Data Sharing for the Maritime Industry.

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Digitization Minister Dirk Schrödter, and its CEO Jann Wendt

Schleswig-Holsteins Digitization Minister Schrödter visits

Digitization Minister Dirk Schrödter visits and its CEO Jann Wendt to inquire about the products, projects.

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TrueOcean introduces smart geospatial search - press release

TrueOcean Introduces a New Paradigm with Smart Geospatial Search

TrueOcean's new geospatial search function enables data on the platform to be located and accessed in seconds using a map-based interface.

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The team from wins category in the DataRun hackathon in Hamburg.'s Hackathon Team completes App in 24 Hours and wins the DataRun2023 GmbH wins 5th DataRun of BMDV in category 'Most unusual approach' with an app for more security of critical infrastructures (CRITIS) in the...

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TrueOcean now provides MetOcean data - press release

TrueOcean Now Provides Native Access to MetOcean Data from Spire

TrueOcean Marine Data Platform has been upgraded to include MetOcean data forecasts natively, enabling professionals to improve data quality control.

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