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north.io CEO to present Maritime Data Space project to Chancellor Scholz at Digital Summit

north.io CEO to present Maritime Data Space project to Chancellor Scholz at Digital Summit

Kiel/Jena, Germany. At the German government's two-day digital summit on 20 and 21 November 2023 in Jena, Jann Wendt, CEO of north.io, will present one of only three exhibits that will be shown to German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Economics Minister Robert Habeck and Digital Minister Volker Wissing as a prime example of digital innovation.

In his role as initiator and coordinator of Marispace-X, Jann Wendt will present the so-called "Chancellor Exhibit" and introduce the Marispace-X maritime dataspace project. The aim of the largest European maritime cloud dataspace project, which is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection (BMWK), is to develop technologies to make maritime data available in the cloud. In particular, the project is concentrating on the use cases of combating climate change, the energy transition in the offshore wind sector and old ammunitions in the sea. Currently, the protection of critical infrastructure is also coming into focus.

The offshore wind use case is at the centre of the presentation at the Digital Summit, as it is extremely topical and relevant - also in relation to the annual focus topic of the Digital Summit: "Digital transformation at the turn of an era. Sustainable. Resilient. Future-orientated."


Platform and driver of the digital transformation  

Every year, the Digital Summit attracts experts and innovators from all over the world to discuss the latest developments in digitalisation and technology. In addition to Federal Chancellor Scholz and the organising federal ministers Dr Robert Habeck (BMWK) and Dr Volker Wissing (Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport), numerous other federal ministers and high-ranking representatives from business, science and civil society are expected to attend. As a platform for shaping the digital awakening, the Digital Summit claims to be a driving force, driver and showcase for digitalisation in Germany and worldwide.


Only three chancellor exhibits

In addition to Marispace-X, other innovative technologies and products will also be presented at the summit. Other exhibitors include Smart Glass from Carl Zeiss AG and Evidir from Jenoptik AG. These technologies demonstrate the diversity and progress in digitalisation and how they are transforming various industries.

"We are proud to present Marispace-X at the Digitalisation Summit in Jena and take the opportunity to share our vision for the future of the Blue Data Economy," says Wendt ahead of the summit.

"Our solutions are of global importance for the security and protection of our maritime resources and infrastructure. The aim is to accelerate the offshore industry's process chains in such a way that large-scale, highly complex digital underwater data can be processed, critical underwater infrastructure can be protected using artificial intelligence and European partners can be integrated.

Our common goal in the medium term should therefore be a national maritime data space that makes us more resilient and at the same time promotes the blue data economy," adds Wendt.” 


Diorama with drones to protect critical infrastructure

Highlights of the Marispace-X "Chancellor exhibit" include an autonomous surface vehicle and a haptic diorama depicting underwater drones in action to protect critical underwater infrastructure. This model impressively illustrates how north.io's cloud technology helps to protect and monitor the oceans and important underwater facilities and increase resilience. Furthermore, the cross-section of an original submarine cable illustrates the vulnerability of critical infrastructure in the sea.

Federal Chancellor Scholz and the federal ministers will view the exhibits on 21 November from 14:45-15:15.

The visit to the stand will be streamed on the official summit page at  http://www.digital-gipfel.de/


Marispace-X exhibits at the Digitalgipfel



About north.io

north.io GmbH is an impact-driven company specialising in cloud technology that helps its customers achieve sustainable change with the help of software. The winner of the Schleswig-Holstein Digitalisation Award 2021 is based in Kiel, Germany. With a team of now 70 highly specialised experts, north.io focuses on developing cloud-native solutions specifically designed to unlock the full potential of geospatial data for the private and public sectors. With its software-as-a-service products TrueOcean and #TrueEarth, north.io, creates a new dimension of shared geodata management, analysis and visualisation in the public and private sectors, offshore and nature conservation. Other services include:

  • Marispace-X is the largest industry-driven maritime digitalisation project and a driver of digital transformation in the maritime sector. In the project, co-funded by the Federal Ministry for Economics and Climate Action, north.io is developing a Europe-wide dataspace that enables efficient use of maritime data in the areas of offshore wind, critical infrastructure, Internet of Underwater Things, biological climate protection and munitions in the sea.
  • AmuCad.org and the UXO-Information System KIS-SH are part of a group of software applications that address the global issue of war legacies on land and in the oceans.

About Marispace-X



Marispace-X is a project funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action in the context of Gaia-X. The aim is to build a maritime data ecosystem that allows stakeholders from businesses, science, authorities and NGOs to securely manage, distribute and analyse the data obtained via and from the sea on the basis of European standards and values and to gain new insights and develop new innovative solutions and services in the future.

With the development of this digital ecosystem of the oceans, the project consortium addresses several important challenges of this decade, such as climate change, marine conservation and digital transformation through numerous practical use cases, including offshore wind, biological climate protection, ammunition in the sea, the Internet of Underwater Things and the protection of critical infrastructure.

The project consortium is led by cloud geodata specialist north.io GmbH and cloud provider IONOS. In addition, it comprises consortium partners the Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics Research (IGD), the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel, Stackable GmbH, Kiel University and Rostock University. The involvement of numerous other international associated partners and maritime stakeholders ensures application-oriented development in all areas.


Press Contact

Dr. Adrian J. Neumann

E-Mail: presse@north.io  Phone: +49 (0) 431 363 054-10

north.io GmbH Einsteinstraße 1, 24118 Kiel, Germany   

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